Defenchick: tower defense


Coop defensed, farm secured! Alien slug invasion delayed!

Fun offline strategy arcade game in the genre of Tower Defense, which will please gamers with its stylish, modern, and high-quality graphics, a large number of levels with increasing complexity, simple controls, and funny characters. In the story of the game, angry alien slugs are trying to get into your farm with one very important mission, they want to steal your chickens and wreak havoc on your farm. In this tower defense game, you play as a farmer who must protect his precious chickens from an invasion of slimy, space-faring slugs. What are you waiting for? Get turrets from the barn. Don’t let the alien slugs realize their insidious plans and stand up for the defense of your territories. Hordes of alien slugs dream of getting your chickens at all cost, and it is important for you to build a line of defense and adapt to changes in enemy attack tactics in time.

Defenchick: tower defense is imbued with humor, colorful locations, automatic towers and powerfull mass weapon to protect territories. Develop victorious tactics, defense strategy, and don’t let insidious enemies steal your chickens.

So get ready to blast some slugs, lay some traps, and protect those chickens! Good luck!